Public surveying in the State of Berlin

Public surveyors – as a consequence of their “public appointment” – are entrusted with statutory duties. In the State of Berlin it is our job to certify certain facts regarding land, much in the same manner as a notary certifies the validity of contracts. Together, surveyors and notaries are the guarantors of protection of title. Surveys contribute to public faith in the accuracy of land registers; for this reason, they are subject to high quality standards.

We will be pleased to advise you, or to support you by

  • creating new boundaries (partition surveying)
    drawing up updated documentation describing newly formed boundaries
  • determining and demarcating boundaries
    determining existing boundaries on the basis of cadastral maps, setting boundary marks for existing boundaries
  • drawing up official site plans
    - for building permit applications regarding planned construction projects on the basis of regulations concerning building documents, including clearances and use calculations
    - for the registration of encumbrances or the preparation of a partition draft
  • setting out building structures
    setting out in preparation for construction according to the requirements of the supervisory authority (accurate setting out)
  • making control measurements of built structures
    control surveying of building structures in terms of their proper horizontal and vertical position, issuance of certificates if necessary
  • certification
    of horizontal and vertical position
  • control survey of legal construction lines

Statutory duties are charged on the basis of the applicable fee schedule for publicly appointed surveying engineers.

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