All activities falling under the scope of public law, e.g.

  • determination of new boundaries
  • determination and demarcation of boundaries
  • preparation of site plans in preparation for construction
  • setting out as required by the construction supervising authority (accurate setting out)
  • control surveying of building installations, incl. certification
  • building surveys for the cadastral records

are chargeable pursuant to the applicable fee schedule (Fee schedule for publicly appointed surveying engineers).

All other activities are normally charged as per outlay and contracted on an individual basis.
Total costs for public-law activities depend on the scope of services actually rendered and can therefore not be calculated more precisely until after surveying has been completed. Nevertheless, we can provide rather exact estimates of costs if the details you give us are as precise as possible. The relevant parameters are the dimensions of the total property and the gross floor area of existing and planned buildings.
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