Looking ahead

  • Deregulation and responsibility

The deregulatory trend in building and planning law which is currently being encouraged by government authorities has meant that administrative bodies have gradually become less involved in monitoring compliance with construction and planning regulations. This lowering of standards and scaling back of public supervisory duties has, to a large extent, shifted responsibility into the hands of property owners and developers and their specialist engineers.

  • Geoinformation systems (GIS)

Publicly appointed surveying engineers continue to be responsible for certifying certain facts relating to the characteristics of the land. As always, title protection remains the most essential component of our work. In addition, public surveyors can, as a consequence of their work, supply geodata with clear and accurate reference to property boundaries, and they can also provide this information to planners, architects, notaries or any other interested professionals. The objective is to develop geoinformation systems (GIS) that can provide dependable boundary definition data for a wide range of applications.

  • Building and planning law consultancy

All construction work in Berlin is based on the statutory provisions of the Berlin building regulations [Bauordnung Berlin] as well as on planning law as laid down in the German Building Code [Baugesetzbuch] and in the federal regulations on building use [Baunutzungsverordnung]. What kind of construction is permissible? What size of construction is permissible (site occupancy index /floor area ratio)? How is the floor area ratio of a construction project measured? If residential space is planned in the attic, does the attic count as a full storey? What about clearances? All these are questions that can cause uncertainty for architects who have to deal with building laws in several areas of Germany. As publicly appointed surveying engineers in Berlin, we have specialized on issues of local building and planning law:

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