The publicly appointed surveying engineer

The publicly appointed surveying engineer Public surveyors [in German: “öffentlich bestellte Vermessungsingenieure”, or ÖbVI, publicly appointed surveying engineers] are freelance professionals entrusted by the state authorities with the right to certify certain facts about land that have been determined on the basis of surveying calculations.

In Berlin, public surveyors are entrusted with the statutory tasks of ordnance surveying and cadastral surveying as well as with the provision of surveying services in connection with regional planning and urban development; they may also act as advisors or consulting experts.

As self-employed consultants, experts and service providers, we also assist our clients in finding tailored solutions for all property-related problems and in clarifying building and planning-law issues. In all our activities, we as public surveyors are committed to the values of individual responsibility, conscientiousness and independence. Our regulatory authority is the State of Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development; when we work for private clients, our activities are also supervised by the Berlin Chamber of Civil Engineers [Baukammer Berlin].