You want to subdivide a property?

If – as the owner of a property – you wish to sell part of it, or if you wish to buy part of an existing property, this original property must be surveyed before it can be partitioned and developed.

We can assist you at an early stage of your project by advising you on possible partition options. When a new property is created, there are building-law requirements to be taken into account – e.g. clearances to existing or planned buildings – as well as planning-law issues such as how the newly created property can be used. To resolve these issues, a site plan showing the intended new boundaries (partition plan) must be drawn up. This plan can then serve as a basis for the notarized purchase agreement and, later on, as the basis for actual construction planning.

The objective of partition surveying is the division of one parcel of land into two or more separate parcels in the cadastral plan (partition). Transferring the newly created parcel to a new folio of the land register (registration) is the second step in legally creating a new property.

Partition surveying constitutes the physical implementation of the desire of the buying and selling parties as documented by the notarized purchase agreement. The publicly appointed surveying engineer begins by determining the position of the existing boundaries (boundary determination). The new boundaries are then generally marked with boundary marks (demarcation).

The result of the boundary survey is presented and explained to the parties at a site inspection. The public surveyor's report is then submitted to the district surveying office, where the new parcels are created and entered into the cadastral map. In a final step, the district surveying office notifies the tax office and the land registry of the cadastral change and sends written cadastral update notifications to both the owner and the buyer. This update notification is a prerequisite for the registration of the new property in the land register. It forms the basis for all the applications the notary must submit so that you can officially be registered as the owner of the new parcel.